Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camping is the New Hawaii

Last October, we bought a pop up tent.  I've never been known as a camper and Ty is, well..., not so outdoorsy.  So this was a risk investment, but the return has been fabulous!  Our last camping trip, I mentioned to Ty with a grin, "This is our Hawaii.  [Long Pause]  Well, for this summer anyway."

When we bought the pop up, our candid friends said something along the lines of, "What about camping with a toddler sounds fun?" and I'll admit that I felt apprehensive.  I've discovered that because we didn't camp together before having Lainey, this is the only kind of camping I know, and I'm in love with it.  And so is our daughter.  

Morning coffee, no make up, toys all over with no "place" they should go, country music that Ty can't complain about because, well, we're camping!  Exploring, beaches, s'mores.  Letting Lainey roam and run with fewer restrictions and confinements than home.  And the after bed-time relaxing & drinks at the campfire. I ask you, "What doesn't sound fun?"

Our Inaugural Camping Trip - Fort Warden with the Robbins (early March):

I brought this mug from my parents cabin.  They bought it when I was 10 years old and sold it when they moved eight years ago.   It was heart breaking for all of us.  I sent this picture to my mom with the caption, "Our new cabin."  

Ty, Casey and the kids on the way to the beach.  And Gauge, the dog.

Easter / My Birthday Weekend - Again, Fort Warden with the Robbins & Banks (late March):

Miles, Tula, Finley & Lainey, before soaked & naked.

Our campsite Easter egg hunt. 

I love that Fort Warden is in Port Townsend.  It means camping AND shopping the same trip!

Mother's Day - Ike Kinswa with the Cains (mid May):

Potty training is a whole new game while camping!

Mother's Day mimosas and snuggles!
Ty's 35th Birthday - Lake Wenatchee with the Veh's (late May):

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  Cheers!

And now that summer is here, we have the weekdays to do laundry, pack, and catch up on sleep before doing it all over again each weekend!


  1. So fun! We just camped with our 4 last weekend at Lake Chelan. Having a 5 month old made it a bit more challenging than previous trips, but still a good adventure!

  2. Our last camping trip didn't get mention, hope it wasn't too dramatic that it wasn't fun. And I hope we can "go to Hawaii" with you again soon. We are going to get better and better at this "roughing it!" ;)