Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Snapshots June 2013

A few more shots in June.  We love warm summer days!

We transferred L's file from UW Adoptive Med to a local doc, who I love.  She  is great with Lainey and practical and real with me.  

No caption necessary.

Grandma Pam ("Grandma Bam") came for a visit! 

Kiddos in pool = Moms' Happy Hour

Slip n Slide fun!

Gig Harbor Maritime Parade

Pool time with Miles!  

Dance floor?

We had a great time at Kim & Greg's family's lake house on Lake Roosevelt.

Lainey's camping tent!

It was a HOT weekend camping with the Veh's at Riffe Lake.  (Thanks for the boat rides!)

Asleep in the bow of the boat.

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