Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Was Never Going to be the Mom Who...

let fish crackers litter her car day in and day out.

ate the fish crackers for her own snack!

let her kid watch Elmo, especially before age 2.

poured a cocktail before 5PM because it's nap time.  (ok, maybe I should've seen THAT one coming.)

only thought and talked of her child when she is away from her.

discussed poop at the dinner table.

considered actually hanging up that home-made ornament on the Christmas tree.

took her kid in public wearing jammies.  (The kid, not me.  I'm not there...yet...)

would let parenthood keep us from "living" - that is, traveling, eating out, etc.

said, "Because I'm the Mom, that's why."

let her house look like the zoo was let loose in it for multiple days in a row.  (Thanks to an amazing husband, that rarely happens.)

honestly believed her child is the smartest, most beautiful girl in the world! (I am much more sensible than to believe that.)

Never say never...

(Comment if you'd like to make me feel better!  What's surprised you about the person you've become as a parent?)


  1. Ohhh if I made a list like this it would be so long and embarrassing! I can totally relate to many of these...

  2. First off, love the adorable lip smacking picture and the pure joy that shines through it! HEART Melting! Second, I think I have done most of these already...and he's only 1! Except, my house really does look like a zoo! And I hate to admit it but I did go to the store in yoga pants and no make up the other day (NOT the same as jammies, but I felt too close to closing over...).We are all in this together, love that we can laugh at ourselves! And cannot wait to catch up over a happy hour or 2...

  3. I was never going to let my baby sleep with me. However, after coming home from the hospital and having a baby who wouldn't sleep unless she was near me, Alison slept with us for the first week of her life. She transitioned to her cradle just fine after that week.

    I was never going to let my kid have a pacifer. Again, Alison wouldn't quit crying without one. And she had that thing til she was 2.5!!

    I was never going to let them go days between baths. Now I find myself asking, "did I bathe the girls this week?"

    I'm sure there are others but those are at the forefront. My second kid is the one that changed things up. Oh my did she change things up.