Saturday, April 13, 2013

Adoption Day 2013

Sweet Daughter of Mine,

Hard to believe a year has already passed since we arrived home!  And at the same time it's hard to believe it's only been a year.

So much of those first days and weeks home with you is a blur.  Your first night home, I think you slept about 14 hours in your crib.  We were SO relieved! You've slept soundly through the night since - a good 12 or 13 hours a night until you learned how to crawl out of your crib.   Even since transitioning to your toddler bed, you're a great sleeper.  To sleep around 7:30 and up at 6:30.  You fall asleep on your own without tears after a few books and songs with us.  Your favorite nighttime books are "God is Good All The Time" and your "Bible Jesus Book."

You've developed quite a personality.  The first word that comes to mind is stubborn.  The second is independent.  Quite the combination and can sure give these first-time-parents a run for their money.  We struggle to allow you independence you crave and guidance we know you need. One common example: if we close the door and you wanted to close it yourself, you will open it up and then close it.  There are things you just refuse to allow others to do for you - put ice in your cup, put the lid on your cup, close doors, wipe your shoes off before coming in the house, getting in your chair, turning the iPad off, turning the coffee pot on, and more. You are also on the go.  All the time!  You don't walk anywhere unless you are holding our hand in a parking lot (I've worked hard to instill a healthy fear of cars in you, but you are scared they're going to run you over - I might've taken that one too far.) From room to room in the house, you run, run, run.  You love to play outside and are learning to ride your balance bike. Parks, particularly slides, are your favorite!

Since we live in the PNW, we do spend many days indoors.  You are quite the little pretender, and I have to give credit to your Grandma and Daddy for this.  I have zero imagination.  As I write this, you are pretending to eat your play-doh pizza.  Other imaginative play happens in your play kitchen, train table and with your dollies.  You sure love to mother those dollies!  It's humbling to hear you talk to them in the same manner I speak to you.  Boy, do I know when those dollies are in trouble!

Grandma Marsha also gives you a lot of opportunity to be artistic.  She even lets you play with glitter! You're a lucky girl to spend your days with her while Daddy and I work.  She teaches you songs and games and so much more.

You love to read books - yet another activity you insist on doing by. your. self.  It warms my heart to watch you read your Bible and say litte words to tell the story of Jesus going "nigh-night" on the boat and his friends calling "help! help! Jesus! boat is going down!" and Jesus saying "shhh" to the waves.  Each night this story gives me a subtle reminder that God is in control and to love Him means to trust him in the storm.

You love, love, love to sing.  Just like Daddy, you make up songs about life.  Sometimes they match a tune of one of your favorites and sometimes they're just your own melodies.  I discover the thoughts in that active mind of yours through your songs more than anything.

And though I might be bias, it seems to me you are a smart little cookie.  You can recite 1 - 13 and count objects to 3.  Daddy taught you to count backwards 10 - 0, and you love to shout "ZERO!" You can recite your ABC's and "spell" BIBLE (thanks to the "Bible song"). Your vocabulary expands every day and you often put together sentences and phrases of 4 - 8 words.  I'm not sure everyone can understand you, but I sure enjoy our conversations! I'm often amazed by your memory.  Yesterday you mentioned "Haley and Jeff," friends from high school we saw a couple months ago and haven't spoken about since.  Perhaps I'm naive of your capabilities, but each day you amaze me. I hope and pray your curiosity and learning continues as you grow!

Socially you've come a long way too. Your friends are Tyler, Miles, Ronan, Tula, Finley, Kaya, Teegan, & Corbin,  and you talk about them non-stop.  You are learning to play with others rather than simply side-by-side, and with that you are learning to share, talk nicely, and assert yourself when necessary. If you are familiar in our surroundings you'll interact with friends and family without hesitation.  The little girl who used to cling to me in public is no more.  Generally, you are warm and friendly to everyone we approach.  If you're feeling particularly social, you'll wave and say "Hi, Stranger!" or "Bye, bye" to those we pass.

Finally, without meaning to, you've been the best teacher to me.  You've taught me forced me to set aside my desires and wants for the better of you and our little family.  Though I have a long way to go still, you've taught me to be patient with you and your Daddy.  You certainly remind me each day that I'm not perfect and don't have all the answers.  At least not all the right answers. As much as I try to teach you, I often wonder who has learned more this past year!

Above all, I love you.  Each day, it seems I love you more.

Happy Adoption Day, Lorraine Marta Robuck.

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  1. Loved every word. She is a precious gift. So glad to have her and you all in our lives. xxoo

  2. She is soooo cute!!!! Makes me smile.