Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Thirty-One, Twenty Twelve

I am joining the masses...blogging about their child's Halloween adventures.

For the first hour of trick-or-treating, I was fighting back tears.

Every year since Ty and I have been married, we've been going downtown Gig Harbor.  We get to see many of our students and it's such a feel-good community event.  The past several years have been especially difficult - infertility and then the waiting game of adoption. But we stuck with it.
And this year, finally, it feels like our year. 

After one "trick or treat!" (which we've been practicing for weeks) rewarded by candy, Lainey had it down.  You should've seen her, marching from vendor to vendor.  Claiming downtown Gig Harbor as if it were named after her.

Yes.  It was our year.

Our first stop.
Immediately after this, Lainey put her purple
pumpkin down to dive into the candy basket with two hands.

Our second stop.  Began at the Brix for candy and ended at the Brix for drinks.

"I got this, Mom."

Watching the flash mob.

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