Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012 in Photos

4TH OF JULY: It was a low key, perfect day with the sun shining.  We went to 7Seas during the day and had a small cul de sac party in the evening.  

Love the playful spirit of our neighborhood.

It's a party!

Thad and Kenzie, lighting up the fireworks.

LAKE ROOSEVELT: Super-friends, Greg and Kim, have a family home at Lake Roosevelt.  Being in eastern WA, the sun is guaranteed to shine. The weather and surroundings were beautiful.  Relaxing time with friends and much needed bonding time for Lainey and Tyler.

Kim, Tyler, and Greg

bald eagle

Tyler, being such a helper for Lainey, carrying water to the shore.

Throwing rocks together.

Yes.  We are that cute.

Watching Daddy swim in the cold water before cliff jumping.

tickle, tickle, tickle

bubble fun

That's exactly what it looks like.

Boys and their beer growler.
Ready, set, go!  Kim & Tyler

CHAD & MARYN'S WEDDING: Ty's long time friend, Chad, married Maryn last weekend.  The ceremony was a small affair on the beach, so beautiful.  The reception was at Chad's parents place. Great reason to celebrate, and a fun party!

The Groom.

Bride and Groom.

Chad's kids & Maryn's older.

The Wedding Party.


I can't even come up with a caption worthy.


LIFE: Just so it doesn't pass us by.

Lovin' on Daddy.

Girls Night.  Gotta have 'em.

First car date with Teegan.  His mom, Tammy, said,
"Well, at least there isn't a back seat!"

Brave little girl at the park!

Life is getting a bit more complicated now...

We shaved Ty's head after Lainey went to bed.
The next morning he went to get her and she laid back down in her crib.
Didn't want anything to do with him.  Silly girl.  Handsome guy.

Daddy and Lainey with their new styles.
Lainey's braids only lasted a day because she self soothes by playing with her hair.

Helping Daddy wash the car.

Date night at The Tides.

Still find time to tend to the summer blooms.
Love them.

Little stinker climbing the fence at the zoo.
Baby toys are for babies.

Checking out the walrus at the zoo.
(Of course it's at the zoo.  Like you were thinking it was in our backyard...)

Daddy & kid time in the hot tub.
(Read: Mommy time relaxing on the deck.)

Ashley and Lia.

Ty started his new position as Minter Creek Elementary Principal.
His 4Runner looks good in front of his new building.

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  1. The hot tub picture looks very relaxing. I hope I'll be able to buy my hot tub soon.