Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Twenty-Eleven Takes the Cake

No Hawaii.  No Mexico.  No Key West.  Record-breaking summer rainfall.  Why, then, does this summer beat them all?

Because God is so good and He knows exactly what is best for me.  And this summer, that was eight weeks of absolutely nothing.  This was the first summer in our house and I was able to just enjoy it.  After years of grieving over infertility and the heartbreak wait that the adoption process brings, I can honestly say that I am grateful for a chill-axed summer without a baby in our house!

On the typical day I slept in til eight-ish, sipped coffee and chatted with my mom.  The lazy days just slipped away while I gardened, picked up the house (a bit), jog-alked, read, facebooked, blogged, pinned, or crafted.  On some days, when Ty called around 3 to let me know he was on his way home from work, I realized I better shower and get out of my cozies!

And, no matter how fabulous tropical vacations are, they don't beat seeing the beautiful face of my daughter for the first time - even if only in photo.  Hard to believe this family thing is all coming together for us, and I couldn't have picked a better time (though I would've told you differently several months ago)!  Having the summer to work on paperwork, dream and plan Lainey's room, and simply nest in our house has been a blessing.

Home truly is where the heart is.

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  1. sweet sweet post... is that tana's hand and lainey's toe??? cutest. toes. ever!!! :)