Friday, August 26, 2011

"In Summer, the Song Sings Itself"

~William Carlos Williams

It's the last day of summer break. And what a break it's been!  But before I post a reflection on this summer, here's are 40ish snapshots of summers past ('05 - '10), in random order.

Boulder Cave - Durrs and Ness'

Mt Rainier

Mr Rainier - Brian and Tammy


Blewitt Pass - Durrs

Cabin - Dad, Mom, Jeff, Mari, newborn Audrey

Mt Rainier - before married

Henderson, NV

Henderson, NV

Silverdale - Ty, Sr.


Puget Sound - Lis

Raft Island - Ty and Dave

Lake Steilacoom - Ty and Brian

Puget Sound - Lis

Forza - Pruitts

Steph & Dennis' Reception - Tyrel, Ty, Greg, Jim
Steph and Dennis

White Men Can (kinda) Jump

Key West

Key West

Key West

Fox Island - Kim and Lis

Deadman's - Veh's


Lake Mead - Mom

Lawry's Steakhouse - Tazelaar Clan

Tyrel & Sarah's wedding


Hang Loose in Kauai

Underwater Music Festival - Veh's



The Astons

Dream Car

5:00 Somewhere

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