Monday, September 5, 2011

August in Review

The last precious weeks of summer:

Need I say more? 
Operation Garage: Before

Operation Garage: During

Operation Garage: After1

Operation Garage: After2

Too cute to not post.  And I know how EVERYONE loves it when people post pictures of their animals as if they are their children! 

BBQ dinner at the beach with Sherman & Lis.  Shamefully, one of the only times we've gotten together all summer!

Can you feel the love tonight...

Salish Lodge - a cute little love seat in a corner of the bar.
Just call him the Reverend.  Ty officiated Heather's wedding.  She was GORGEOUS!  And married a great guy, Sean.  

At Sean & Heather's wedding at Salish Lodge.

My fav.  

Spent the day in Seattle with Jim and Mellissa before an M's win against Boston. This is at Pike's Brewery, where they have coozies for their growlers!

Tourists in our own town!

After we jumped the steps.  (Wish we had better photographers.) 

We asked the guy who sold us our $9 beverages to take a snap of us.

Go M's!  And thanks, Jim and Mellissa!  Always a great time together.

I'm still smiling.  At this point, I am not married to a belligerent fan.
Ty, me, Mellissa, Jim

Chillaxin' in my "cabin." Since my parents sold their mountain cabin, I've not had that perfect happy place.  Until now.

Rainier's Game

We laughed til we cried this night.  So fun with the Veh's!

"It's COLD!  Snuggle me NOW!"

Salt Creek with Casey & Tana.  We are so turned on to a pop up tent after this fun weekend! 

Love the little guy.  Such a trooper.  

The friendship I've been praying for!

Fun on the beach!

That's right.  We're camping. It's dark and we aren't heading home.

Starting to LOVE antiques.  This is Lainey's dresser!

My very first veggie garden.  Three of the five vegetables I am growing I don't actually like (including the tomatoes above), but it's FUN to grow them!

Sherman, Greg & Ty at an end of the summer BBQ.

At least one of us is cute! (That's you, Ginger!)

Lis & Sherman, Ginger, Chad, Ty, Greg w/Tyler & Kim, me, Nyah & Merek.  

Yes.  I do kinda love him. 


  1. Love it! This summer has been awesome, getting to know you has been a huge part of that "awesome-ness!"

  2. that garage makeover is so inspiring! can you guys come over and do it for us? hahaha.

    love your summer pics. and especially Lainey's dresser! my best friend growing up had one just like it. memories!

  3. Did you know that we are really good friends with Heather's sister, Steph? Such a small world!

    The pix of you guys are adorable, by the way. It looks like you are having lots of fun! Yay for that! I love the pix of you enjoying a nice cool beverage on those hot summer nights, fun to be "expecting" but still able to drink, huh? ;)

    Here's hoping your school year is interrupted SOON!