Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Musings re: Adoption

All to often I think, I should elaborate on that thought on my blog.  This particularly  happens when I am thinking about Lainey, missing her, wishing to hold her, and/or frustrated she isn't in my arms NOW.

But as it goes during back-to-school time, most of my mental energy (limited as it already is) is put to use in my classroom. This post, then, is the result of my need to write that has overruled my better judgment. Once again, I apologize for my randomness. (For someone so concrete sequential, I find myself making that apology often.)

Exciting update - our sweet baby girl gained two pounds last month. Her head circumference measures in the same. 16 inches.  (Is this good?) I know, I know, head circumference isn't really that thrilling. But each month we receive updates from her orphanage.  That's what I get, so I'll take it, desperate for any information. I rejoice that in the "Health Status" column, it reads Healthy.

Are you a parent of a baby? Perhaps around a year old? Imagine seeing your child for the first time today. Imagine missing everything your child's sweet life up to this point. Crazy, right? I am comparing apples to oranges here to make a point (the apples being giving birth biologically and the oranges being adopting internationally), and the point is not to gain your sympathy. But, please, will you pray for us and our daughter and an other adoptive families you know of? We are often happy people like you who are living wonderful lives...with an empty place that can only be filled by our child(ren).

Two very small comments were written to me that made me jump for joy.  Figuratively, of course.  They both came from Becky and Joy at YWAM.  The first was in an email about Lainey and it stated, "Hopefully it won't be much longer until you meet her." The second came in the mail.  Joy and Becky are so great, sending out postcards with encouraging bible verses on the front and personalized notes on the reverse.  This postcard said, "Hope you're off to a great school year - this one will be interrupted by some wonderful things, including travel to Ethiopia and a sweet little girl." Now, Joy and Becky know things.  And hearing our hopes confirmed in their encouragement is, well, encouraging!

And speaking of encouragement, I have a post in draft form titled, "What TO Say and What NOT to Say to Adoptive Parents." It sounds a tiny negative and I don't want to offend anyone.  But some people just don't know what to say &/or how to be sensitive, so they blunder and then say something offensive or just absolutely ridiculous.  Not sure if I should publish the post or not.  If I do, you can bet I've had a glass or two of wine first.

We visited CA last weekend for my grandparents' 70th Wedding Anniversary.  (Also another post in draft form.) Being there, I was so honored to be their granddaughter.  So proud of my family heritage! And just proud we chose Lorraine as the name for our daughter.  I found myself thinking of her as Lorraine rather than Lainey a few times because of my awe and adoration of my grandmother.  I do think of them a little on the same terms - both have survived more hardship than I've ever known or could imagine, both needing to rely on someone else, and when talking about both of them I can't help but smile. Lorraine.  I love it.

Our sweet daughter is never far from my center of thought.  She is in our prayers daily.


  1. Rachel, you continue to inspire me with you faith and trust in God. I pray for your family every day.
    Sally Gallagher

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I've not met you yet in person, but I want to let you know I do read your blog and I was touched by your words. By all means, publish your next post! Lots of people, including me, appreciate "educational" articles so we don't make a faux pas. :)

    I also wanted to say..I was worried about our daughter's head circumference too. It seemed small or not growing or whatever. I think the measurements are not always accurate, b/c our daughter was totally normal and fine. Trust in the Lord in this, and He will take care of Lainey!

    Praying for you!

  3. Hello Rachel! I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind sweet words on my blog. It really touched my heart. I love how God places people along our paths. :)

    I started reading some of your blog and wanted to say congratulations on your daughter! You will be in my prayers, and I'll keep checking back for specific prayer requests. Also, I noticed a lot of WA pics and places....are you from there? My husband and I were born and raised there, but moved to OR a few years ago.

    Thanks again and sending prayers your way!