Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes


The school year is creeping in on us! First day for students of PSD is September 1.  That's a Thursday; so we go Thursday and Friday and then have Labor Day Weekend. First day for staff is, well, I'm not sure.  Sometime next week, I think.  Or maybe the week after.  Guess I should check my calendar now and then. 

Have I mentioned I love my job?  I'm not dreading going back to school (and not just because HUGE, EXCITING things are happening in the year ahead). Middle schoolers are just pretty awesome.  Do you remember what it was like to be a middle school kid?  Yikes.  I'll tell you one thing; I was no where near as funny, clever, or spunky as these guys are.  The students are definitely the best part of my job, but staff is a close second.  I {heart} Harbor Ridge.  And a tie for second is just teaching in general.  I'm not the type to get so much joy from the "ah ha" moment students have like the really good teachers do; I just love to help kids learn.


Pinterest.  'Nuff said, right?  Ok, ok, I'll say more.

Here is my post on facebook a couple days ago: I feel the need to apologize to anyone who "follows" me on Pinterest.  I can't stop!  After that post, this is my conversation with our friend Chad (who just got on facebook a couple months ago, if that tells you anything).

Me: I wonder if there is a Pinterest app? [Which, there is, by the way, but not created by Pinterest.]

Chad: I totally didn't get your post the other day.  Where the heck is Pinterest and who was behind you?

Me: Huh?

Chad: You said someone was following you and you apologized.  Were you running up a steep hill?  Did you have gas or something?


I miss my family.  Particularly my mom.  The other evening I was a little down and all it took was Ty to kindly say, "Babe, what's wrong?" and the waterworks began. Like a five year old dropped off at kindergarten, I cried, "I miss my mo-o-o-om!"  I get SO STINKIN' jealous of friends who have family nearby.  I would give so much to be able to hop on over to mom and dad's for dinner, or meet up to watch the football game with my dad, or go on a nice, long walk with my mom.  Since our referral, I find myself calling my mom nearly everyday.  "I have a new idea for her room," or "We get to send Lainey a gift today," or just "Ahh, I'm so stinkin excited!"  I cannot wait to bring Lainey home, but I also cannot imagine how much more I'll miss my mom when that time comes!


This summer has been my favorite so far.  Of. my. entire. life. When I told this to Ty, he was surprised. No Hawaii trip.  No Key West trip.  No Mexico trip. Goes to prove something.  (More on that something in another post.)


My dear friend, Lisa, in in Switzerland right now.  Her sister, who she is very close to, moved there several years back when her husband was transferred.  Their move was difficult enough for Lisa, and then a couple of years ago, her sister was diagnosed with melanoma cancer.  Lisa and I had plans to walk last week and the night before I got a text: "I am leaving for Switzerland tomorrow to give support to my brother-in-law and niece."  My heart breaks for this family.  If you think to, pray for them?


Do you know that child sacrifice still occurs?  So sad.  Click here for an article about a Christian group in Ethiopia fighting against child sacrifice.


I am going antique-ing today! There was a time I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than look at old furniture.  Wow, have things changed, including my decor style. Ty is taking a half day off (yep, principals work in the summer) and we are headed west to seek a treasure or two.  My goal is to find a window pane for this project:

Or maybe shutters for this:

Or maybe a trunk for this:

Or, if I am feeling really ambitious, 

shabby chic

Happy Friday, All!

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  1. I like ur blog. love this pics xxx from Serbia

  2. Loving your reflection of summer. Totally agree that this summer is hard to beat. Nothing like laying your eyes on your child for the first time!!!!