Monday, July 25, 2011

Labors of Love {For Lainey}

We are very, very close to sending in our dossier to Ethiopia, soon after which, we are eligible for a referral. A little baby body with little fingers, cute toes, and tight curly black hair to go with the name {Lainey}. This will be a huge milestone and one of celebration, to be sure.

Reflecting on our process, we have sure taken our sweet time getting to this point.  We took time off to grieve the news of reductions of Ethiopia adoptions and confirm God's will in our lives, we cancelled our BINGO night fundraiser, and we've definitely taken longer than average to complete this paperwork.  Many people ask why this has been the case, and I don't have an explanation, really.  But I do know this, God has been in charge the entire time.  Even when I think I make little attempts to have some control - choosing to adopt a girl, hanging onto that paperwork one extra day because I can - God has been in charge. The reason I know this?  He knows who little Lainey is.  He formed her hands and feet. He knows her personality, how she will bless us with laughter and joy, how she will challenge us and push every button.  He knows.  And with that, I can truthfully say, I have peace.

[Insert smooth transition here.]

At the time we accept a referral, we will need to pay $7,000. We have a portion of that saved, and we are really hoping to not put it on a credit card. To that end, we'll be holding a few fundraisers in the next couple months.

The first is up and running.  My mom has been knitting and crocheting her heart out for Lainey.  She has made some adorable baby headbands and hats.  That inspired me to put my crafting fingers to use and I've made decoupaged frames and greeting cards.  They can all be viewed on my facebook page, Labors of Love {for Lainey}. Depending on its success, we hope to expand the products available, and someday I would like to use the site to help others who are adopting children to fund raise. 

I hope you'll visit the page and find something too cute to pass up. The prices are all suggested donations, and if you find something, I will let you know where to send payment so you can receive a receipt for tax purposes.

And, feel free to link this blog post or Labors of Love page to your blog or facebook. Will you kindly let me know, though?

And, finally, thank you for your prayers, support and love as we raise and save money to move forward on this journey!

Here is a sneak peak of a few items of the items at  Labors of Love {for Lainey}.

Toddler knit hat. (Albert the bear not included!)


  1. Rachel this stuff is just beautiful! I am headed to your fb page to check it all out! Thank you for sharing how you've been doing. Hopefully I'll see you soon!

  2. So amazing - you guys are getting so close! Great idea, can't wait to check it out!