Friday, July 15, 2011

Banks Lake

July 8 - 11

This is as close to camping as we get.  Cabin.  Running water nearby, including toilets that flush and showers.  Oh, and a coffee stand.


Boone.  He was ridiculously needy.  Every time I walked away from him (or turned my back), he whined until I returned.  Ty was completely embarrassed.  I wish I could say it's NOT my fault he is such a wimp.  But I pretty much made him that way.

Love this guy.  Love that he's always up for anything.  He cliff jumped, too.  I did not witness it, and in spite of my strict instructions to take pictures, there is no proof.  But I believe it.

Brian and Tammy.  One great couple. They FINALLY included us in their A List Friends annual camping trip.

The Chad.  And The Boat.

We aren't really this cute.  It's just that Katie is an amazing photographer.

I tried wake boarding.  I was able to get up right away.  But once I was up I got scared and let go.  Four times.  Too fast.  To say I'm a wimp is an understatement.  Did you know I am President of the Fuddy Duddy Club?

That's me.

Ty. Brian. Chad.

Katie and Brian showing off their survival skills.  Thank goodness they built us a fire or we would've froze to death in the boat.

Brian and Ty.  The butt slapping and high-fiving was all captured on the video...which I promised not to post.

'Nuff said.


I don't even know how to comment on this. Except that Tammy begged me not to post it on Facebook.

Relaxation Station.  We relaxed when the boys weren't driving by splashing us.

Great people!

Dry Falls. (In the background.  That's Ty and me in the foreground.)

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