Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Being "30 Plus"

I was with my dear friend Elisabeth several months ago at a bar.  We overheard a conversation between two gals who were barely old enough to be in the bar.  They were discussing a problem with a friend of theirs', to which one of the gals responded with, "You know what her problem really is, don't you?  Well, she's, like, Thirty Plus...."

If you're in your twenties, you may be thinking, Well, yeah, that's true. If you are in your thirties, rest assured!  Any problem you have is because you are thirty plus.  And if you are older than your thirties, you might read this and think how much learning and growing up I still have to do!

When (in my twenties) I was going through the dark years of my life, I asked my mom what her favorite age was.  Her reply was, you guessed it, her thirties. Once again, Mom, now that I older and so much wiser, I agree with you.

I won't go so far as to say it is a fact that 30-anything is the best age, but I will venture to guess it's true for many of those I know.

With my thirties, I've gained confidence.  I feel like I might know who I am.  Though I may not understand fully my purpose or how I fit into God's purpose for His Kingdom, I am finally outside myself enough to know it's not all about me.

I no longer obsess about my figure and my looks.  I'm comfortable (albeit, not proud) with myself and I accept my rationalizations about why I am the way I am and move on with my thoughts. 

In my thirties, I've learned to garden, decorate, and nest.  If you knew me in college, you'd know the contrast from then to now.  People used to come into my apartment for the first time and say, "Oh, you just moved in?" Within the past  few years, I've grown to cherish my time at home. (I even started a veggie garden this summer.)

I am less judgmental and critical of others.  Guess what? No one is perfect. Though still not open and naturally trusting, I don't dwell on what so-and-so might've said that could've hurt my feelings.  And if so-and-so really says something, I've learned to handle it with honesty and sincerity rather than revenge.

I also forgive myself easier.  I'm not so much a perfectionist anymore, and what a relief!  I laugh quickly at my many mistakes and even more idiosyncrasies.  It's not such a struggle to admit when I'm wrong.

I've learned that I can't fool myself into thinking I have control over a situation, so I've stopped trying so hard.  If I had to choose one action that has benefit my marriage, friendships, family relationships and career, The Act of Letting Go would be it. 

Material items have less of a hold over me in my thirties.  Proof?  My Love Language has changed.  Ty and I recently took the Love Language Inventory again.  (The first time was prior to being married.) My top love language in 2004: gifts.  Today: quality time.  Gifts still came a close second, but my needs are better, and more easily, met with a little QT. 

I could likely go on and on, but I am beginning to feel a tiny bit egotistical with all this me-me-me talk.  Truly, I am not fooled into thinking I deserve the credit.  I am just grateful for where I am, who I am, and the blessings of my life.

A few never revealed photos of being, like, Thirty Plus.

30th Birthday.  Entering that dreaded decade!

Bringing back the side pony.



Happy much?

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