Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Celebrations

At Ty's middle school, they have "Random Reward" days when students get honor time (read: recess for middle schoolers) if they achieve or meet the random criteria.  Examples are perfect attendance, no tardies, 3.5+ GPA, etc.

In the attempt to be a better blogger (and focus on the positive),  I am stretching the concept.

Random Celebrations:

  • Spring Break is next week!  Ty is taking the last half of the week off and we are going to my parents for some sun.  Temp's in the high 80's...and my parents put in a pool since we were there last.

  • I am back to reading adoption blogs.  I took a break, but last night scoured my favorite adoption sites.  Guess what? Every single person who has their son or daughter home mentions how worth it the wait was. While reading the blogs, I've connected with people who have been through the heartache of waiting.  I've been so encouraged by them.  I've also read about many, many babies and children being brought home since the last time I read them.  I cannot wait for that to be us!

  • Christ died and rose so we can live in peace, forgiveness and mercy.  Happy Easter!

  • This is the first spring in our new house and I am so excited to start flower garden projects.  I'm busy planning, planning, planning.  I love a good project!

  • My amazing friend, Elisabeth, is pregnant!  After years of old-fashioned and various ways of trying to get pregnant, she is almost 8 weeks along.  Congrats, Sherman and Lis! (For her amazing story of strength, perseverance, and hope, visit here.)
  • This year my grandparents will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.  Can you believe that?  70 years of marriage!?! 
Pops and Grandma with their first child - Dale.

 Til next time...


  1. Glad to hear you are finding encouragement! Oh and I am so very jealous of your trip to the sun...I SO wish we were going!!!! xxoo