Monday, April 25, 2011

He is Risen Indeed

The aspect I love most about our church is that, never fail, holiday services are amazing.  They are professionally done and thought out to the last detail, but they are not "performed" or displayed as a production.  They are sincere and authentic.  This Easter was no exception.  Christ's resurrection over 2000 years ago was made relevant to our lives today. 

Ty was in a drama.  It was actually a three part monologue.  The speaking parts were interwoven of the leper healed by Jesus, the woman stoned for having an affair, and the rich man who was asked to give up everything.  The message was powerful in its title: If it Weren't for Him.  If it weren't for Him, the leper would have kept living as an outcast and the woman would have been stoned to death.  But, the rich man, unable to give up his wealth to follow Jesus, was left troubled and confused.  If it weren't for Him, the rich man would have been able to sleep soundly.

The message by Pastor Larry was one of hope.  He spoke without a pulpit and on ground level.

Next, projected on the screen was a picture of Christ on the cross in a frame.  Next to the screen, on stage, was a frame large enough for a person to stand in.  Block by block, the picture of Christ on the cross was replaced by Him resurrected.  As each block of the picture changed, someone stood in the frame and a brief description of Christ's work in their life was on the screen.  A five year old who wasn't expected to live to his first birthday, a single mother, a man who survived a brain tumor, and others.

Real people who live real struggles who need a real God - we were all there.

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  1. Rachel,
    Your description makes me wish I could have been in your Easter service!
    I am praying for you and Ty - for fresh encouragement and hope. We're so glad to be working with you!

  2. You guys look great and your doggy is adorable! Glad you had such a blessed Easter!