Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Are You When I'm Not Looking

One of my favorite songs right now is by Blake Shelton, but I sure love the Joe Nichols version, also. 

With Ty out of town right now, it's just different.  I'm a little different.  Probably this is because five days is the longest we've been apart since married, and that was when I went to visit my parents while he managed a fireworks tent.  (We were already so sad when he dropped me off at the airport, we spent the money he earned so I could change my return flight and he flew out to spend with me there.) 

Other than staring at the phone waiting for his call, wearing his shirt, and spritzing his cologne all over, who am I when he's not looking?

  • My meals are much simpler.  Cereal, usually.  Sometimes popcorn.  Maybe mac 'n cheese if I'm in the mood to "cook."
  •  I watch the news.  More specifically, I watch FOX News.  (I know, I dad would be so proud.)  Other than that, the TV is never on.  I think I mostly watch TV because Ty enjoys it so much and I'll be honest, he's great to snuggle with.
  • Country music blares in the house, and the more twang the better. 

  • By 7 I'm in sweats and by 8 I'm in bed.  (That bumps up my normal schedule about 30 minutes.)

  • I sleep with lots of covers, sweats and a sweatshirt.  I don't sleep well if I'm not roasting at night and sleeping alone is chilly.

  • I don't rush to get home.  Even though Ty is never home before me, there is less urgency to get there after work.  But when I do get home, I don't leave.

  • I read and read and read. More than usual. 

  • I share my food with the dog.  Again, more than usual.
  • And, of course, I make sure my phone is charged by my bed each night.  Just in case he calls.


  1. So sweet. It will make your reunion that much better :)

  2. this is one of my favorite songs right now too. great post idea. might steal 'er. :)

  3. With Jason leaving for three days to pick up our son from college and me staying at home with the younger kiddos...I can really relate. I hate it when he has to travel. Headed to the library for some good reading. Hope the time goes by quickly.