Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Study Appointment 2

One step closer!

Our second Home Study appointment took place in Puyallup at the YWAM office.  What a cute place!  It's a house downtown with cozy couches, a fireplace and pictures of babies, children, moms, and families all over.  Immediately, I felt comfortable.

Really, there isn't much to tell about the appointment.  Our next (and hopefully final) appointment is at our house on Saturday, January 22, and we have some prep work to do before then -  things like choosing a pediatrician, visiting an Ethiopian restaurant, and child proofing our house.

Oh, and that little thing called fundraising.  We'll be starting that soon, too.


  1. I didnt know it was YWAM you were going through. Some close family friends of Jared's the Hagmans, are a big part of the adoption program. Candy Hagman is her name.

  2. Hey, we are supposed to be taking you out! I didn't know that was on a deadline - we better get on that!