Thursday, February 3, 2011

Restless Heart

Have you ever said There has to be something more than this?

Don't get me wrong;  I know I have pretty sweet life here.  In reality, that knowledge leaves me feeling more restless.  It's been on my heart lately that I am called to do more.  To live on this earth for a purpose other than breathing in and out.

This restless feeling is not new to me, but I've always attributed it to my "go-get-em-tiger" personality.  This time, I take no credit because the thoughts are not in my nature.  I've been reading Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.  Though I don't have the book in front of me, a few ideas from this book resonate.  As you read on, please know I am speaking to myself.

First, God calls us to feed the hungry and the poor.  Duh, right?  Right?  RIGHT?

I've never done this.  Guess what?  This isn't a parable.  It's not metaphorical.  He literally calls Christians to feed the hungry and poor. 

Next, God calls us to be like Jesus.  Jesus died for those He loved.  And he loved those who didn't love him.  I would give up my life for my loved ones.  But, those who hurt me?  Those who betray me?  And, let's say, nevermind the thought of dying for others.  What about my living, breathing existence?  Have I sacrificed anything to help those who are suffering?

Since we decided to adopt, it's been easy to say, "Oh, I am following God's command because we are taking care of the orphans." And I really believe that God is calling us to adopt.  Not just this time, but again, and maybe again.  And maybe even again.  But our adoption didn't begin that way; it began as an avenue for us to start a family.  We will be gaining from this adoption as much as our daughter will be.  We will be blessed.  It is amazing how God can take the desire of my heart - to have a family - and align it with his calling - to care for the widows and orphans.  He created me with a passion and is using my passion to further His kingdom.


I know there are people in need in my local area.  (Yes, even in Gig Harbor.)  God is calling me to reach out to them.  Not to pity them or look at them as poor people.  Just to look at them as people and share what I have with them.

My life is changing.  My priorities are changing.  My biggest fear remains. 

Please, please, please...understand? 


  1. I think everyone has these moments, you are only human. xxoo

  2. I know the feeling you're talking about Rachel. I really would like to be involved reaching out beyond my own sphere of existence. We should really talk about how we can reach out to those in need in our community together. Sounds like a good book you're reading. Another book that kicked my butt is "Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne, though sounds like you don't need more butt kicking.