Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 Things I...

I love the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I was thinking about what the 10 Things actually are and considered, why not blog a 10 Things Series? Up first:

10 Things I Love about My Husband (in no particular order).

  • He enjoys vacuuming and sweeping. Especially on a Friday before the weekend gets rolling.
  • He's so good looking. Makes my heart skip a beat. Still.

  • He works hard at everything - our marriage, his job, his relationship with God, this house. He never gives half an effort.
  • He sings.  And he's athletic.

  • The guy is generous. Not just to me, but others as well. He is generous with money, time, gifts, and love.
  • He likes to grocery shop with me. When I'm at the grocery store, I always feel lucky that we do that together.
  • He just gets me. Often, more than I get myself.

  • He is funny! Rarely does a day go by that I don't laugh with him.
  • He is forgiving. God knows I've given him plenty reason to give up. But he doesn't hold a grudge or bring up the past.
  • He makes little sacrifices for me that show me he loves me. Instead of eating on the couch with the TV on, he'll sit at the table with me. He'll play country music. He lets me have the aisle seat on the airplane. He saves the last bite of anything super good just for me.


  1. What a great post!! I might have to steal your theme (one of these days). :)

  2. I love focusing on the good in my husband. I love when other women focus on the good in their husband, too. He sounds like a good man, Rachel, way to go!