Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn...

I began regretting this whole blog thing because nothing in life was interesting enough to tell others about. So then, life became interesting.

We moved, and we love, love, love our new house. But...(did you know that word was coming?)...home ownership is not for wimps! Since we moved in a month ago, the alarm system crashed because something went wrong with the septic system, our doorknob broke, the hot tub began leaking, the smoke detector's gone off three times, and our basement flooded. No joke. Apparently our drainage system lacks efficiency, and the backyard is now completely dug up with large pipes every which way.

In everything, a lesson is learned. This lesson was simply a reminder that we have AMAZING friends. Friends who'll drop anything to help us out. Friends who'll dig while it's raining. Ones who'll dig at 12:30 A.M. Friends who'll give up their entire Saturday night and Sunday morning to help. And ones who'll share a drink (or two, or...) when the digging is over.

I'd post a picture of the mess, but I haven't learned to do that yet!

Until next time, thank God for friends!


  1. Friends definitely rock in a crisis.

    We've owned our home for 11 years and while I'm thankful for it, sometimes I think home ownership is tuh-ohhhtally overrated.

    Sorry about all the junk you've already had to deal with. At least you can have a glass of wine or 4 while projects are being completed!

  2. Hey Rachel,
    Sorry that happend. Lame. To post a picture you just click on the picture icon in the toolbar of the window where you enter text. The filmstrip is for video uploads. I love reading the blog.
    Hope you are well other than this.