Saturday, November 23, 2013

Letter to Lainey

Daughter of Ours,

You are asleep on Daddy's chest in our bed right now.  That's been a habit for quite some time now.  Around 6 AM, you crawl up the stairs and run in our bed to settle on one of our chests for some more shut-eye.  This morning you are sleeping a particularly long time, probably because of a late night playing and watching football with us - another habit we've formed in the past couple months.

At 2 years and exactly 8 months, you are the perfect combination of spunky and loving.  In one word - independent.  You like (demand) control over every situation and it runs this Mama ragged deciding which battles to choose.  Last week we were at the brewery with you (yes, they allow minors and it's NOT a bar) and you insisted you could go potty by yourself.  In your words, "It's private time, Mommy.  Go see Daddy."  I never thought I'd allow my 2 year old that freedom, but I stood just outside the bathroom door and you rocked it!  (What you didn't know was a friend of mine happened to be in there making sure you were okay for me.)  You refuse to hold our hand (unless crossing a street or in the parking lot because I've managed to put the fear of God in you over getting run over.) You pour your own milk, dress and undress yourself, and much much more.  "No, I can do it!"

You certainly don't lack in personality or energy.  You are stubborn and competitive.  The sure way to motivate you is with a challenge or a race.  And you surprise me everyday with what you retain and how much you're learning. You know your abc's, how to count (recite) to twenty and actually count ("one to one correspondence," as we call it in my teaching world) anywhere from 4 - 10 objects, depending on your mood.  You're learning your letter sounds and I'm excited to start teaching you letter recognition.  You repeat everything you hear and most of it makes sense.  You impressed me with this conversation yesterday:

"Mama, the polar bear says 'RAAAHHHHR."
"Oh, yeah, did it say that at the zoo today?"
"Actually, it didn't for real."

Yep, you used the word "actually" in true, correct context.  And then there are those moments you just repeat something and it isn't in the right context but still so stinkin cute.  As you were combing my hair today, "Oh, mama!  Look at all these curls!  So tangly!"

While I'm telling you about the crazy, funny things you say, there are a few more you can brag about later in life:

"Mama, maybe if Daddy drives a little faster, I'll stop whining." I hear ya, kid.  I hear ya.

Instead of "yesterday," you say "yestertime."

"Mama, don't say shut-up!"
"I didn't, Lainey.  I said 'shut off.'  As in shut off the TV."
next day...  "Mama!  That's stup-off!"

"We can't take Daddy's car today, Mama, because YOU made a mess in it!"  (Sold out, Daddy!)

You're getting to be quite a big girl, too.  You are solidly in 3T clothes right now.  All those cute 2T clothes?  Packed away.  You sleep in a "grown up bed" (when you decide to sleep) and you're pretty much potty trained.  You are good at using your spoon and fork consistently.  You insist on drinking from cups without a lid and you prefer to sit in chairs without boosters.

But some things haven't changed one bit.  Your favorite things to do are still jump and climb.  A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.   It seems you haven't developed a healthy fear of anything yet and you sure keep us on our toes.  Several times every week, people will comment something along the lines of, "Wow, she sure is active!"

And you know how to love.  You snuggle with us to read books and drink milk from your sippy cup.  You put your hands on our cheeks and say, "I love you soooo much."  You run to us when you are hurt and you love to snuggle under a blanket with your Daddy when you're watching a movie.

In short, you're perfect.  You are ours.  And we love you to the moon and back!

Love Always,

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