Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Vacation

In July we visited Grandma in Southern CA and then drove to my parents in LV.
It was an early morning for this traveler.  She really was a champ on the plane!
Lainey getting a ride on Grandma's walker.  (She didn't love it.)
The picture is blurry, but this is Ty is playing "kickball" with Grandma and her friends.

My Aunt Bev, Dad's sister, passed away just before we arrived.
Here are my parents on their way to her Memorial Service.

One of the only truly chid-friendly places in Las Vegas (other than Grandma Pam's house)
was this spray park at ann outdoor shopping mall.

At Hank's Steakhouse.  I'd definitely go again...without a toddler. 

I'm not sure what we did before my parents had a pool!  Each day we played in it together.  Lainey's water floaties were a god-send.  She could be safe and do all the brave crazy things she wanted to do and we could relax knowing she was safe and having fun.  (I use "relax" loosely.)

Seeing Lainey and Ty play and play and play melted my heart.  She definitely showed a "Daddy's Girl" side of her on this trip!

Cousins with iPads all worn out from swimming together.

my favorite people

Nap time!

Grandma Pam (sometimes referred to as "Grandma Bam") and Lainey

Sweet Audrey growing so fast. She and Lainey had so much fun together this trip!

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