Tuesday, January 31, 2012

November 2011 Snapshots

To be honest, November passed in a blur.  We found out we'd be traveling to Ethiopia on the 30th, so pretty much everything else paled in comparison.  Looking at the pictures now, it REALLY WAS a special month!  Friends and family.  So much to be thankful for.  (Touche).

Apple Cup!

Ronan Jameson Veh

Love this guy. And Happy Birthday, Sara!

Kim & Tyler.  Aren't they cute?

Did I mention I love this guy?

My mom came to visit!  We shopped and got our craft on.  She's the best.

Yep.  Still love him.

THANKSGIVING at the Hoeschens!  Super fun.  I highly recommend Friends Thanksgivings.

Lots of turkey, stuffing, beverages and xBox make for tired boys.

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