Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benefit Concert

We are so blessed with friends who have come along beside us.  They've supported us emotionally and financially in our journey to adopt Lainey.  Here are pictures from Saturday, November 19, 2011, a Benefit Concert for Lainey.  David and Brenda Aston hosted a dessert auction and Cameron Pruitt sang.  What an amazing day!  We raised over $2000! It was enough to cover out airfare to Ethiopia for our court date trip.  And what an amazing trip it was!

I know there are a ton of pictures...but I just couldn't leave any out.  Can you feel the love?  We sure could!

Guest.  On the left is Suzanne Johnson, my teaching buddy at "The Ridge."  Nancy Gregory also represented HRMS, but she must've escaped the camera.

Cameron Pruitt.  Amazing singer.  Amazing friend.

OVBC has AMAZING youth.  Here are just a couple of them! Thanks, girls!


I spoke.  In front of people.  Yes.  That's me with the microphone.  Not Ty.  (Notice my self conscious nervous look?)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Astons.

We could call this the "friend table." Thanks for being there!

Tammy & Ashley with little Lia.  You two have been a great support!

The guest.  Smiling at you is Elisabeth.  Such a great friend through "it all!"

One of the best parts - bringing these formula donations to Ethiopia.  They went to a remote orphanage, where Lainey spent her first 8 month.  THANKS for the donations!

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  1. So cool!! I really wish we could have been there but I'm glad to at least get to see the pictures!