Sunday, December 4, 2011


It is Sunday evening and I am resting in our room upstairs. Ty is down in the lobby / dining area listening to music and journaling.

It's been a long day. We attended church, which was an indescribable experience that I will, still, try to describe at a later time. We also went to a museum here in Addis that offered compelling evidence of evolution, plus amazing historical artifacts unique to Ethiopia.

The activities of our day are irrelevant to the exhaustion I feel. Cabin fever to the max. We are at the mercy of everyone around us, and it is discomforting. I miss talking on the phone to my mom. I miss Boone. I miss driving myself where I want to go and choosing what I want to eat for dinner. I miss the conveniences of our life that I so often take for granted.

Tomorrow we will see Marta for the last time before returning home, and then we are headed to a mission in the country where women craft goods to help orphans and widows. Tuesday we will appear in court. Our guest home is performing a coffee ceremony for us at dinner, and we fly out at 11 PM. I am hopeful for a relatively quick 28 hour trip home. And looking forward to a cold beer during our layover in Frankfurt. (Beverages are not refrigerated here and we are abstaining from the booze out of respect for the Christian Orthodox religion.)

Signing off, so I can take this complaining to God. I know...I should've done that first.

Update: it's Monday morning and after prayer, snuggling with Ty, a decent night sleep and an amazing cup of Ethiopian coffee, my little pity party has past.

We visit Lainey for the final time today. And we are also donating two suitcases of formula to YWAM orphanages today. Thanks, all, for the donations!

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