Sunday, December 4, 2011

Babbling, Smiling, and Laughing

We've visited the Thomas Center twice since I last wrote about meeting Marta. Our second visit began rough. It seemed the nannies were not expecting us and it felt like we were a nuisance, disrupting their daily routine (which I am sure we were).

When we entered, a group of kids, mostly boys, were playing outside. As I got out of the car, a little boy ran up and gave me a giant hug around my legs and then ran to greet Ty in the same way.

Chairs were brought outside and Marta was brought to us. Since the ground was just concrete, we didn't feel comfortable setting her down. We played with her best we could, but she was resistant to interacting with us and eventually fell asleep in Ty's arms.

That wasn't okay with the nannies! :) Someone yelled from an upstairs window, "No sleep! Time to eat!" We brought Marta upstairs and I attempted to feed her the stew-like food that was prepared for her, and I was so nervous! It didn't go so well and finally I turned her over to the nanny. Within five minutes, she was finished and happy.

After lunch, our girl was a happy camper. The nanny snuggled her, kissed her and made her smile big. I took the cue and did the same. And I couldn't stop. She was all smiles for our kisses after that.

The following day, Saturday, was, just amazing. The nannies who were working the weekend seemed a little more chill. They set up a rug for us inside and we played with Marta for well over an hour. This time, she warmed up to me quickly and was all snuggles for me. She babbled a little bit, laughed a little, and gave up many smiles. She crawled around, and I have to wonder if that was one of the first times she did because she was so uneasy at first, but stable and confident by the hours' end. And so proud of herself! At the orphanage, it seems like their cribs are for sleeping and playing. With so many children at that age, they may not get a lot of time to "roam."

This time with her was by far the best yet for both Ty and me. Whether or not Marta felt it, both Mama and Daddy felt a deep connection with her.

Patty Cake

Ahhh - her hair!

Loves to pull herself up.

Hard to grasp that we only have one more visit with her and then have to leave her behind. Already, our hearts are breaking. I keep telling myself with all the hardships people of this world have suffered, this pales in comparison. My mind accepts that, but my heart is a little slower. One thing my heart does understand is this time with Marta is a gift, one I cherish in the moment and will in the memories.

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