Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July in Color (2011)

i LOVE this guy!

My creative outlet.

Happy Birthday, Tana!
Tana is my dear, sweet, new(ish) friend, though I feel I've known her forever.  We met through YWAM, and her and her husband, Casey, are in Ethiopia right now meeting their son for the first time! It has been so neat getting to know Tana and comparing our very similar stories and emotions. God has blessed me with such a sweet friend!  For more on this amazing couple, visit their blog.

Yup.  That's a Harley.  And I am smiling.

Happy Birthday, Jim! Nice work, Mellissa!

Jim Andrews & Ty
 Ty and Jim go way back.  ("Way back" is anything prior to Ty and I dating.) He and Mellissa have been together since they were about 13 I think, and though we don't see them often, we are always guaranteed lots of laughs and a good time.

Chad & Ty

One of our favorite three year olds, Teegan, throwing rocks in the lake.

One of our favorite boats, I mean friends, Brian, with his son, Corbin.

Tammy owning the lake.

What a smile!  (He wants me to say that the pink life vest is the only one that fits.)

High five?

The newest Pruitt sporting a cute headband from Labors of Love {for Lainey}
(shameless plug, I know)

Wut up, G. BBQ at our place!

Ginger and me!

Tam and Brian.

So stinkin' cute.

The Bruya clan.

Ginger & Chad


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