Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Night in Havana

We hosted a Cuban-inspired party last weekend to celebrate Ty's 33rd birthday.  The weather held out for us so we were able to host on the deck - our first outdoor party in this house!  I am always a little nervous when we host because "our" group of friends is a melting pot of sorts; I worry people will not know others and, thus, feel uncomfortable.  But, being the great friends and amazing people they are, everyone got along just fine, like they always do.

The Cuban theme was well-represented.  Guys showed up in cigar shirts and fedora hats and chicks with flowers in their hair. Pandora hooked us up with some salsa music and I cooked ropa vieja (shredded beef) and Chad mixed up some mojitos.

Thanks, everyone, for coming over to celebrate Ty's birthday!

Best Hat Award: Cameron Pruitt

Too bad Abigail (Jeremy & Jodi's oldest child) won't be in this year's Christmas picture!

Chick Most Likely to Drink Beer from a Can: Steph Andrews

"Cuban Proud" Award: Sean Paddock

Cutest Hair: Jenn Nybo

Cigar Boys

Ty & Rachel Look-Alike Contest Winners: Brian & Tammy Bruya

Guy with the Most Ex's At Any of Our Parties: Chad Sage

Best Cuban Dancers: Ty Robuck & Aaron Ness (I promised I wouldn't post the video.)


  1. SO very sorry we missed this!! Looks like an awesome time, and I love the awards! :)

  2. Girl with the most outfit changes: Rachel Robuck :). What a fun idea for a theme, glad Ty had a good birthday!!