Wednesday, March 16, 2011

February 2011

Peninsula is one of the few school districts to still have a mid-winter / President's break.  (Though some folks would rather do without, I just love it and vote for it every year.  And, of course, I NEVER complain in June when we are the last district out for summer.)

Here are some memories.

Starbucks in Seattle, mom and me

Cool little wine bar

My #1 and #2 favorite people.  Love, love, love.

One of the many tastes they both enjoy.

Family: Mom, Marsha, Aaron, Dave, Bren, Liam, Eryn, Ty, & Yours Truly

Ethiopian delicious-ness on injera, unleavened bread made from teff.

Love her.

With our two favorite kids

The Tides.  (Where else?)

Nope, not a hickey. Burned myself with a flat iron. Hurt.

Before it scabbed and bled.

Crazy cold in downtown T-town.

Beginning of the storm.  Hopefully our last of 2011.

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