Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pour Some Sugar on Me!

Yesterday morning ranks up there with one of the worst in my life.

I woke up feeling fine.  After I fed the dogs, I started feeling lightheaded and weak.  This is by no means the first time I've felt like this in the morning, so I just carried on.  It only took a few minutes until I could not longer just carry on. 

I felt like everything in me shut down.  I began to sweat profusely, I felt the blood rush from my face, and I was too weak to move.  Without going into detail, I crawled to the bed to bring a pillow and my phone into the bathroom.  I spent the next hour and a half there.

Ty was on his way to work when I called him.  I've called him before to tell him I am sick, but never asked him to come home.  I didn't even need to ask, though.  By the time he got home he'd called in a guest teacher for me and called my principals to give them a heads up.  He found me in the bathroom with sweat beaded up on my nose and forehead and my hairline drenched. 

(As some of you know, Ty and I are unusually modest around each other when it comes to "personal" affairs...that all ended yesterday morning.) 

After 90 or so minutes, I could lay in bed, and I stayed there til it was time to go to the doc.  We were there when it opened and pleaded for an appointment.  We couldn't get in for another hour and a half, but on our way to the elevator, the receptionist chased us down to let us know of an earlier cancellation.  Of course, now that I was at the doc's, I was feeling better and better.

By about noon the only remaining symptoms were headache and fatigue.  I am home from work again today, but feeling all right.  Probably should've gone in, but it was difficult to know last night how I'd feel this morning.  (To ease the guilt, I plan to be ultra-productive today.)

So, the bottom line:  All symptoms lean toward hypoglycemia.  But the blood workup didn't confirm that.  My blood sugar was in the low-average range but nothing that would cause any alarm.  Doc said our bodies recover their blood sugar level pretty quickly, so perhaps mine put its rally cap on and fought back really fast?  My white blood cell count was slightly elevated, indicating a possible bacterial issue, but because I feel better today, it's assumed I am, simply, hypoglycemic.

Or, according to Ty, I have been given a "license to eat."

I am grateful for the diagnosis and hope desperately it is accurate.  It's an easy fix (eat regularly), and another experience like yesterday is completely avoidable.

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  1. It could've just been a stomach bug too...there's a BAD one going around, I had it last week and it was HORRIBLE. I'm glad you're feeling better though.