Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Walk Down [Winter] Memory Lane

Inspired by, obviously, our rare winter weather today.

Learning to drive.  My dad taught me to drive in the ice/snow as if there were an egg between my foot and the gas pedal that I didn't want to break.  I can still hear his voice when I drive in the snow.

The Christmas Village.  My mom and I set up her "Dickens Village" together every year.  And my dad and I would go to the local "boutique" in Sunnyside to pick out a new shoppe. (Yes, there was a boutique in Sunnyside, which I am quite confident has since gone out of business.  Anyone remember Hopfengarten Gallery in the Mini Mall?)  This was my Christmas present to my mom for many years.  When my parents moved, my mom let me keep the village.  There are newer, updated villages out there now, but none top this one.  This year's display:

Manheim Steamroller Christmas CD.  This must've been one of the first CD's my mom bought. Ty doesn't care for it much, but it reminds me of growing up.  I could listen to it year 'round.

Snow Days.  They weren't called often because we knew how to drive in the snow on the east side of the mountains.  The best snow days were when Grandview and Sunnyside Christian had them called on the same day.  Nothing beat movie marathons and walking around on the icy streets with friends.

Basketball Practice (never, ever canceled).  We'd start our cars during the last water break of practice because they took at least that long to defrost. 

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  1. I'm totally with you on the learning to drive and snow days!!!!!