Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Things That Make Today a Gift

So often in my life, especially right now, I forget the amazing blessings I have. I am so focused on wanting our child and "moving on" with our life.  I've been challenged with this thought: Has God created one day with more or less value than another simply because my situation changes?  How self-absorbed I've been to think it's really that much about me!  I realize this morning that each day is a gift from God.  Today, Sunday, October 17, 2010, is indeed a morning when I wake up without a child. But today is as much a gift from God as the morning I will wake up and bring our baby home.

So, here I am with Part 3 of my 10 Things... series, serving to remind myself that today is not a day to take for granted.

10 Things That Make Today a Gift:

  • I slept in til 8.  I am rested.
  • Boone is snuggled on my lap.  He has been so good for me these last couple years!
  • I woke up next to an amazing husband.  He loves me today.  I believe he will love me every today for the rest of our lives (to his credit, not my own).
  • When we prayed this morning, God listened. He always does, but this morning I didn't doubt it.
  • I will talk with my mom today.  And since minutes are free on weekends, we can talk a long time.
  • My husband is healthy and I am healthy.
  • We have the means to enjoy many comforts in our life. 
  • I have leisure time today to read, bake banana bread, do laundry and watch a little football.
  • It is going to be sunny today.  Even if it weren't, we don't often need to worry that weather patterns or natural disasters will threaten our safety.
  • I am defined by how God sees me, and He loves and forgives me.  It doesn't matter that I can't wear eye make up today because of allergies, that I've lost my summer tan, that my clothes aren't "this season," if my jeans feel too snug or if I have a bad hair day.  I am not defined by what I look like or what I have.
Realizing each day is a gift leads toward gratitude, but I also wonder if it will lead to action.  What will I do with that gift in return?


  1. Good thoughts babe. You are always reflecting on life, something I truly appreciate about you.