Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Family of Four, 8 Months Later

Jace William Keraji. 

Prior to bringing Jace home, I'd heard about the special bond a mom feels toward her son.  I thought, "Sure.  But it'll be no different than what Lainey and I have."

It. Is. Totally. Different.

The LOVE is no more or no less, but seriously, it is something special. I can't even describe the hold this sweet boy has over me.  Everything about his personality, even the cries and fits, make me smile.  
Jace's demeanor can only be described as sweet.  Sure, he's two and his favorite word is "no," but he is basically agreeable, social and charming. He lights up over the smallest joys - even a cup of water! ("There's the water!!!")  He often just gallops around the house with a smile on his face, babbling cheerfully.  Jace goes to time-out when asked and peaks his little head around the corner to say "All done?" or "Happy!" No matter what he's doing, he likes to check in with me periodically to give me a hug or climb on my lap to have a chat.  He loves to interact with people by hiding, playing boo, talking, giving high-5's, and generally anything to make others smile. He loves, loves, loves Lainey.  Asks about her nonstop when she's gone and follows her around when she's home.  Music lights him up and he can't seem to not move to the beat when it's playing.  He also loves water.  Any kind of water - the sink, a bath, the hot tub, puddles, spills, and especially the dog dish.

Some photos of the last eight months, in no particular order.

Jace's dedication to Jesus at church.

First camping trip in April 2015.

On Jace's 2nd birthday.

Park fun with Clara.

An old net shed.  

Loving on Clara.

Water love.

First trip to the park!

Lainey's pumpkin patch field trip in October.

Visiting my Grandma in CA in October.

The garden fairy and garden gnome.

Jace is obsessed with cars and trucks.

Performing with the big kids, Lainey and "Myno" (Miles).

With my cousin, Jace.

Fits happen everywhere.

Won't let me help him with yogurt anymore.

Celebrating my birthday with Grandma!

Can't turn my back for a second and he's climbing on something. 

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