Saturday, September 15, 2012

HIghlights of August 2012

The purpose of my blog is evolving - I began it to share the journey of our adoption to any and all who wanted to read it.  As of late, I've come to understand that I need this blog more than I need the world to read it.  That said, it's becoming, more and more, my little corner of the world.  Hopefully the days of writing but not publishing, for worry of others' perceptions, are no more.  Hopefully there'll be more personal posts and less generic photo-crazy this one.

August was a great month.  One of the most challenging of my life, if I'm to be honest, but the pictures won't tell that side of the story.  But, as they say, pictures don't lie.  I'm certain when I look back I'll remember the struggles but I'll cherish these sweet memories.

Having friends over is totally different now than five months ago! Lounging on the back deck with cocktails has turned into plastic lawn toys and push-trikes in the cul de sac!

Banks Lake - A long time tradition for the Bruyas and friends from Olympia.  Our second year.  Fun to bring Lainey.  She "camped" like a champ!

Impromptu day trip to Seattle.

Hanging out with the Robbins.  So glad they're back in the PNW!

August means working in my classroom before school starts.  Lainey loved to color on last year's butcher paper and watch Elmo on the big screen in my room. 

Went to the zoo with Erin Banks, her cute family and Miles.

 My parents came to visit.  It was just great to have both of them here together.

I love the shots of Lainey in Boone's crate because it shows how much she is growing.  And for that same reason, I hate the shots of her in the crate...

Always up to mischief.

One of many photos at 7 Seas, this one on opening game day.

At Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant with the Robbins.

Look at 7 Seas again...

And just more fun in the front yard.

Bye bye!


  1. I find writing so therapeutic. I can express myself so much more in text than in speech. Sometimes I don't even know how I really feel about something until I start writing. :) I hope you find it a healing process as I do.
    It is funny as I started my blog as my place to express myself, vent, and let go of so many of the emotions of our infertility journey and now I find my blog has become more a posting place for pictures of Ronan. But really I know it will continue to evolve and change just like me. I am mostly glad I have it to serve as a memoir of all my life has brought me.

  2. LOve the pictures! Lainey is getting so big. Hope school gets off to a smooth start. I got to see Marcy at the empowered to Connect conference. We were missing you!