Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 in Pictures

What a month for our family!  Many firsts for Lainey, much sadness and celebrating for my family, and long awaited time together.

Ty and I took a weekend trip to visit my parents in Las Vegas.  He returned home to finish up the last two weeks of the school year and I stayed so Mom and I could drive to Southern CA to introduce Lainey to Pops and Grandma. As God's timing allowed, we made it just in time.  Pops met his youngest great-grandchild in the house he lived in with my grandma for over 55 years, on his last day there.  He lay in his bed in writhing pain but he was able to hold her hand and smile at her.  He hugged me, and I told him I loved him.

Mom and I returned to her house the next day.  I was booked to fly home but we received word Pops was failing quickly.  Mom rushed back to California (and I mean rushed...Jeff drove her).  He went to be with Jesus that night, with his two daughters and two of his grandchildren at his side.

Ty flew into Las Vegas, again on a Friday night.  We drove with my dad to California and spent a great weekend with loved ones, reminiscing and celebrating Pops' life.  It was also a time for extended family to meet Lainey.  Ty flew home on Sunday and Lainey and I stayed for the services on Monday.

Pops leaves behind a legacy filled with memories of laughter, joy and Godliness. And a few not-so-appropriate jokes.

In addition to the events of this trip, June held the annual Maritime Parade in Gig Harbor and [a few] warm, summer evenings on the deck.

This little one is an early riser.  Sometimes I can snuggle her back to sleep.

Waving at the parade.

Yes.  She is looking at the camera as she kisses me.  

Whatcha gonna do about this climbing, Mama?
Nevada.  104 degrees.  My parents put in a pool last year.  Feels like our own private resort get-away.


My cousin, Jennifer, presented a jewelry show for my mom.
Her daughter,  Holland came with.  Lainey instantly took to Holland!

Audrey showing us her skills!

Snuggly cousins.
We learned to keep the door locked to the pool!

Opa bought Lainey dutch slippers.
(Because "If you ain't dutch, you ain't much.""

The next batch of pictures were taken in Pops and Grandma's backyard.

These were taken throughout the rest of the weekend of Pops' service.

 This is my mom with my dad's sister, Aunt Bev.  She reminds
me so much of my Grandma Tazelaar.

4 Generations!  This was taken the day Lainey and Pops met.

Cousins at Starbucks

With Jace. 

Isn't she beautiful?

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