Friday, February 10, 2012

Showers of Blessings (and Gifts!)

My sweet friends Jodi Durr and Kim Hoeschen hosted a baby shower for me at our house a couple weeks ago.  As we were pouring mimosas for ourselves,  my mom whispered, "I didn't even do this much for your wedding."

"That's 'cause we got married in Hawaii, Mom."

"No.  I still wouldn't have done this much."

That's my mom.  And that's this shower.  I've never been to a more glamorous, perfectly-suited, thoughtful baby shower.  Ever.  And even better that is was for LAINEY!

Thank you to all who attended, and to Jodi and Kim for your countless hours of planning, crafting, and making it JUST PERFECT for me. 

Here are some pictures of the special day.

Pretty decor.  All the pinwheels are going in Lainey's room.

Other than skipping the hemorrhoids of pregnancy?  Drinking champagne drinks at my own baby shower!

Key Lime cupcakes.  Oh my.

Marsha holding Lia, Heather & Ashley.

Marilyn & Lissa.

Mary, Lisa & Mary-Alice.

Jenn and Elizabeth.  (Elizabeth neatly folded all the tissue paper from the gifts!)

My mom, Eryn & Bren.  Love these ladies!

My mom came for the weekend.  Had so much fun together!

Steph, Mellissa & Sara

Mesha, Tami

This was awesome.  Random trivia questions to take the awkward attention away from me when opening gifts!

Hostesses, Kim & Jodi.  Beauties.


  1. The ladies did a FABULOUS job! Your shower looked beautiful, and more importantly, you loved it! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Blessings,

  2. Looks amazing! Those gals did an wonderful job!!! SO wish I could have been there :( I bet L got some really awesome stuff, can't wait to see her cute room and all her gear when we move back! -Tana

  3. Wonderful! You look so happy. I'm continuing to pray for all the roadblocks to be removed to bring your sweet girl home. Our God always wins.