Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

I am sitting on row 6 of a 737 airplane, shortly after getting "escorted" out of first class when I tried to use the restroom up there. Oops. My spirits are high as we fly home from visiting my family in Henderson, NV, for Christmas. Our time there was great, but it feels so good to be heading home. I love being a woman, because of the nesting and all. I have several partially finished home decor projects that I look forward to wrapping up this week before starting up school again next.

Christmas.  Ty and I arrived Wednesday afternoon. Other than some Christmas shopping and dinners out, we mostly relaxed at my parents' place, spending time visiting with my mom. Ty did a lot of reading and watching TV. I gave my mom tutorials on Facebook and iPad/iPhone. She taught me to knit and I started a hat for Lainey. Not once did we make it to the Strip. 

We went to church with my parents for a candlelight service, Audrey' first, and then after a ham dinner, we opened family gifts on Christmas Eve. This is our Tazelaar tradition. I'm not sure what we will start as our gift opening tradition when Lainey is home. Maybe presents from Opa (my dad - Dutch for Grandpa) and Grandma on Christmas Eve and Santa's and our presents on Christmas day. Since we all wrote our "Dear Santa, I can explain..." letters, he made a stop at my parents'. We opened out stockings after our cinnamon roll & quiche breakfast (another Tazelaar tradition).

Materialism was alive and well on King Mesa Drive this Christmas, but we all agreed that we were "over it" quicker this year. We kept the gifts simple and thoughtful and focused on our time together a bit more than the new gadgets and clothes.

My mom and Mari were so sweet to include Lainey in our celebrations. From Mari, Jeff and Audrey, she received a personalized fairy tale storybook - a great gift idea! We also rec'd the diaper bag we JUST registered for and some pretty cute bibs. The one that says, "My mommy is hotter than your mommy" is my personal favorite.

This Christmas will be remembered as our first one as parents, and (hopefully) our last one without a child. Think on that one... :)

With Audrey at Rachel's Kitchen.  Was pretty excited about trying it out, til I found a hair in my salad. Guess they were trying to personalize the experience for me, namesake and all.

Where else?

Knitting lessons.  I've since messed up a stitch and don't know how to fix it.

After seeing this picture, Audrey exclaimed, "Wow, I AM cute!"

Prime Rib dinner at Lawry's.  So, so good.

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