Monday, December 5, 2011

Saying Good-bye

We went to The Thomas Center with heavier hearts on Monday, knowing this would be our last day with out daughter for a couple months, at the least.  But, it was impossible for our hearts to stay weighted when we saw our sweet daughter again.

Today was similar to Saturday.  Marta warmed up to us quickly and we played, played, played.  She crawled on floor, crawled on us, and just continued to charm us with her sweet personality.  She fell asleep against me this time, and we just enjoyed the final moments snuggling her.

When she woke, the nannies let me feed her and I did a much better job this time around!  After eating, she was happy and snuggly and playful.  Time went by quickly, of course, but when we returned her to the nanny, our hearts were content she will be cared for and loved until we return to bring her home for good.

We prayed with her and for her.  Our prayer was that she would somehow remember and feel our love while we are away.  That she would be safe and healthy.  And that time would go quickly for all of us.

I am comforted to know how much she is loved and cared for at The Thomas Center.  One nanny in particular is very protective of her.  That annoyed me when I wanted to be the one to hold and feed Marta, but now that I'm away from Marta, I am grateful someone is protecting her.

I expected leaving Marta would be the most difficult thing I've had to endure.  It certainly wasn't easy, but I can feel the prayers of others.  I have a peace that, again, defies logic.


  1. I love the pure joy that is in both of your eyes in these pictures.

  2. loved catching up on all these posts! would love even more to catch up over coffee and see ALL the photos... if you have time after the holidays let's make a date!! :)