Monday, October 10, 2011

Things That Warm My Heart This Weekend

Autumn. The colors, smells, tastes. The decorations and warm, cozy colors.

7 Seas Harvest Ale.

The Seahawks won yesterday.  I'm not a loyal fan (I'll  be honest; I like to cheer for teams I can count on to win), but a Hawks win makes my husband a happy man.

A Fine Frenzy radio on Pandora.

Black Bean Pork Chili cooking in the crock-pot.

On October 13, court in Ethiopia re-opens.  Waiting anxiously to find out the rate the judge goes through files.  We have a file number.

My mom is coming to visit this fall.

Friends like Jeremy and Jodi.  Busy schedules don't allow us to see them too often, but when we do we are guaranteed being blessed.

Our friends' kids.  Ones like Teegan and Corbin Bruya.  And Kaya Pruitt. They're coming for dinner tonight and I can't wait to see each of them.

Hooded sweatshirt and jeans with cowboy boots.

Goodwill deals. Pier One [hard to find] deals.

Honest blogs.  The ones that let me know people are real. And that I'm not so different and alone after all.

Esther.  The hot chick in the Bible.

My husband.  Today I was in a funk and he just sat next to me, close enough that we were touching, but not too close for the mood I was in. He sat quietly for a few minutes and then smirked at me.  Couldn't help but laugh.

No school today.  Not because of Columbus day.  It's a furlough day for teachers.


What warms your heart this weekend?