Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Adoptive families who have been to Ethiopia, will you help?  I'll put together this information for folks in the future.

Now that our court date is on the calendar, we are making our travel arrangements.  I'm sure you recall how overwhelming it is, knowing so little. Will you share where you stayed while in ET, describe the accommodations and, if you can, offer a recommendation or not for staying there? Even pictures would be great.  

Please consider providing information.  (I am almost pleading, here.) Comment on this post or email me at  Though the information would likely help others, too, let me know if you rather I keep it to myself.  Of course, I'll honor that.

Thanks in advance!


  1. We stayed at the Addis Guest house when we went last January, and it was so wonderful! If you get a suit you will have your own bedroom, living room and kitchenette (I would definitely request a suite). The staff is incredible too. It has a great restaurant and they recommend a driver name Yosef (I have his number too if you want it) and Yosef can take you anywhere - resturaunts, zoo, museum, shopping.... The price is good too. Here are some reviews on trip advisor:

    Enjoy this time... it is so exciting.

  2. Leaving tomorrow for Ethiocomfort guest house. Can let you know in a week and a half if it's not too late.

  3. We stayed at the Addis Guest House on our 2nd trip and LOVED it! The manager/owner Yonas speaks great English as well. Have a great trip!


  4. I also recommend Addis Guest House. Yonas and his staff are wonderful. If you are on Facebook, there is an Addis Guest House page that has some pictures. You can also see pictures on the website at The food is good, too!!


  5. We stayed at Harmony Hotel. This is our second adoption from ET. We stayed in a guest house our first trip, and wanted a location where we could get a feel for the city. Loved the Harmony Hotel! The restaurant in the hotel had great food, but we were close to everything. The room was luxurious and clean. My husband had a trial 4 days after getting back fro our court date. He wanted to be able to sleep well and internet service. I feel like we were able to enjoy the city, pack a ton in a short amount of time because we were right in the city. The only negative...was wireless internet was only available in lobby. We will stay in a guest house (Bejoe House) next time when we pick up our little boy. I would also recommend a driver, and a telephone. We have the name of an awesome driver, if you want it, and we rented a phone from Red Zebra for about 22 dollars a week. We have kids at home we needed to stay in touch with. Email me if you have more questions.