Monday, October 3, 2011

3 Score & 10 Years Ago...

...on September 10, Henry Verhoeven unloaded 25 tons of copper metal for his job.  He worked only half a day on September 10. It was an important day for him.

His betrothed, Lorraine, had the day off from her waitress job a Sweet Shop of Lakewood, CA.

They were married at 6 PM that evening.  It was a small ceremony at his parents' house on Artesia Street.  His sister and brother stood up for them.

Pops and Grandma's Wedding Photo.
(As soon as I figure my scanner out, I'll change it to the real photo.)

They left for their honeymoon in San Francisco that evening, but once they arrived, they didn't even get out of the car.  They just turned around and drove back home. Though they cannot recall why, they speculate they were too scared to get out of the car in San Francisco.

Pops and Grandma with Dale
Last month, we celebrated my grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary.  Such a fabulous weekend!  Most family guests flew in on Friday night.  Saturday many of us spent the day at Pops and Grandma's house.  The hours passed quickly as I looked through photos of Pops and Grandma through the years, and of my mom and her siblings as a child.  I came across a photo of Pops as a boy with his family just after they'd arrived in America from The Netherlands and photo of Grandma's grandmother! Bonding and laughter filled the room as we passed photos and listened to Pops & Grandma share their memories.

Pops and Grandma's children from left to right:
Glenda (my aunt), Pam (my mom), and Dale (my uncle).

Jace and I were best friends as kids.  Really.  I promise.
Saturday evening we went to dinner in Belmont Shore.  (Most of the pictures below were taken there).  Ty and I enjoyed a nightcap with my cousin and childhood friend, Jace.  So great to catch up!

30ish years later.
Even though he doesn't remember our bug collections or spy games, I still love him.

Sunday morning came much too quickly.  We filled the back pews of Rosewood Church where Pops and Grandma have attended since my mom was a child. After a cake reception at church, we enjoyed lunch at Claim Jumpers. From there, most of us headed to the airport to catch our flights to various places across the US.

Jeff, Mari, and Audrey.  
With my favorite niece.  Think we both have the head tilt mastered?

Love my parents.  

My sweet husband.  I love that he loves my family.

Taking care of Grandma, our daughter's namesake.
This picture will be framed in Lainey's room.

The whole family.

There is nothing like family.  And I feel so fortunate and blessed to have Pops and Grandma to look up to.  They are the first to say that marriage is hard work. They made it because they are committed to each other, to their marriage, and to God. Not to mention, they each have a sense of humor.  Pops will tell you how proud he is that Grandma "kept the weight off all these years." And Grandma will tell you after 70 years their marriage is finally falling apart because Pops needs the heater on all the time.  They've experienced the ups and downs of life together. Pops worked hard to provide for Grandma, and theirs' is a rags to riches story.  They've traveled the world together.  They've suffered the death of their only son together.  Through it all, they have never let the words separate or divorce enter their conversations.

Pops and Grandma are a testament of devotion, hard work, and love.

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