Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Reads

(Disclaimer: this idea came from That We Might Be Adopted Blog, so for more great summer reads follow the link.)

Summer is a great time to steal away and lose oneself in a book.  The great thing about reading is, for as many personalities out there, there are more great books.  Fiction: comedy, romance, adventure, historical, fantasy, sci fi, futuristic, and graphic novels just to name a few.  Non-fiction: narratives, biographies, manuals, how-to, self help, devotional, etc.

In the comment section, let others know what you are reading this summer.  If nothing, what can you recommend to others? 

I'll start.  I am reading There Is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Greene.  I typically do not read non-fiction, but this is a rich narrative about a woman in Ethiopia who overcomes the sorrow in her life by taking in orphans affected by AIDS.  I am learning so much about Ethiopia's history and the havoc  HIV/AIDS has reaped on the country.  The story reads like a novel with factual information integrated throughout in essay-like tone.

Of a completely different genre, I recently finished The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  This is a young adult series with a futuristic flavor.  Suspense, adventure, romance & politics combine to make this a great trilogy; have an open mind and you'll enjoy it.  And don't listen to the critics' reviews of the last book, Mocking Jay.  The ending was fantastic.

(The Hunger Games movie opens March 23, 2012, but for heaven's sake,  read the book first!)

Ok, now it's YOUR TURN. (Seriously, don't be one who gets great ideas and moves on.  Share!)  What are you reading and/or what can you recommend to others who may (or may not) have countless hours of uninterrupted time to lose themselves in a book?


  1. "There Is No Me Without You" changed my life.

    And I loved the Hunger Games books too! :)

    I recommend getting a profile if you don't already have one - it is a great way to get good book recommendations!

    After reading the Hunger Games, I decided to try a few more YA novels. I liked "Story of A Girl" and "Once Was Lost" both by Sara Zarr. They were not fast-paced suspense like HG, more like coming-of-age drama but very well-written. I also liked "Evolving in Monkeytown: How A Girl With All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions" by Rachel Held-Evans.

  2. Just finished "Caleb's Crossing", which was set in New England in the 1660s and focused on a young woman's life and her friendship with a Native American boy who ended up attending Harvard College. Geraldine Brooks is a good writer who always integrates historical people and events in her fiction. "People of the Book" is my favorite of hers.

    I just started "Little Bee."

  3. Right now... Lawless by Nora Roberts and Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich.
    *Lawless is a 1800s romance in Arizona... Nora Roberts... need I say more?
    *Sizzling Sixteen is part of the One for the Money series. HILARIOUS!!! I read it out loud to Chris at night... yes, I read to Chris. :)