Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The History of Ham Night

As Told by Guest Blogger: Tyrone Robuck

It all began one Spring Evening back in '99.  I was living with two close friends in college and had just returned from a night shift.  It was late and both roommates were getting ready for bed.  I opened the refrigerator door only to discover an entire cooked ham.  This was quite the anomaly.  True, we did eat meat.  Lots of it, in fact.  I cooked ribs, steak, pork chops, chicken, you name it.  However, a whole ham!  I inquired about the cooling hog that took up the majority of our basic college fridge.

"Where did this come from?"
"We cooked it."
"Um, hello, we were hungry."

I tasted the deliciousness of the ham and fell immediately in love.  My roommates knew how to cook.
Life went on and we went our separate ways. 

Several years ago one of my roommates called me and explained that he came across a ham at the grocery store, and he could not resist.  He was declaring HAM Night and invited me and our other roommate to his house for dinner.  An annual tradition began and has been in place for almost a decade.  Once a year we get together to eat Ham and Ranch Grits, a concoction of hash browns, oil, way too many hot spices, covered in over-easy eggs and shredded cheese We eat till our guts are full, taste buds satisfied, and what I can only express as hearts content with friendship.  These are true friends, ones that will last a life time.

All of us are now married.  Both roommates have children and if you are reading this, then you probably know Rachel and I are on our way to having a family.  Life has had its ups and downs for all of us, and we still keep in touch looking to each other for support. I am thankful to God for all my friends and the fun times I have shared with others.  I look forward to the future sharing my upcoming chapter of fatherhood with those close to me.

To Brandon and Chad, Thanks!

This year, for the first time, Ham Night was at our house.  Enjoy some pictures.


  1. I am SO relieved this post was not written by Rachel like I thought it was for the first few paragraphs. I overlooked the guest blogger tag.
    I was all, you go girl. Get your Ham on!

  2. Great story! I actually teared up a little!