Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'd Like to Thank...

This is going to sound much like an award acceptance speech, but I really want to publicly say thanks.

For those who have prayed for us, words cannot express my gratitude.  It's been difficult for me to pray.  I've not known what to pray for or how to approach God because I am so disappointed.  It's been difficult to not blame him, but  I know that I am being lifted up to God by others because this morning I feel His blanket of peace.  Thank you.

I am also grateful for the support and encouragement from others.  I am a skeptic when it comes to people; trust doesn't come easily and, truthfully, I usually expect the worst hoping to minimize my disappointment.  Through this entire process, I've been amazed at the generosity and thoughtfulness of others.  People, (that's all of YOU) have amazed me with your words of great encouragement, prayers, and financial generosity.

Mom - what can I say?  I love you.  You were the first person I went to with our discouraging news.  You offered me words of comfort and a listening ear.  I wish I could hug you right now.

Elisabeth and Brenda - you are the girlfriends I've been praying for, for years.  You love me, listen to me, know just what to say when to say it, and know when not to say anything.  You are thoughtful.  You crowd me with your love and love me with your space.  You get me.

Ladies from church - some of you I've never spoken to, but I appreciate the facebook messages and your prayers.

Voyager staff - thanks for planning the fundraiser luncheon.

Language Arts teachers at HRMS - the flowers light up my classroom and my spirit.  And my favorite color is pink so they're perfect.

Melanie - thanks for being the first to purchase coffee.

Friends & family - you took us to dinner this week.  You cooked us dinner. You invited others to BINGO night.  You donated.  You asked others to donate.  You sent texts.  You sent Bible verses. You called.  You messaged.



  1. That was so sweet (yes I got misty), but honestly unnecessary. This is what friends do. You two are loved by many. We will always be here anyway we can.

  2. Rachel, My Heart goes out to you guys. This must have been so heart breaking for you both. It's the hardest thing, trying to figure out what God's plans are. You seem to have such enormous faith through all this, it's inspiring. I will be praying for you and that His plans will be revealed to ease your heavy heart.