Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Piece of Humble Pie

This letter recently went out to friends and family.  Because I told myself I wouldn't hold much back on this blog, I'll say this: this was not an easy thing to write.  Even as we were addressing and stamping them I had second thoughts.  The past few weeks have been a struggle...with pride, with my marriage, with doubt about this whole stinkin' process.  But in the end, I give it up to God.  (It saddens me that, still, giving it up to God is often my last resort.)  He is bigger than my pride, our finances, and my fears.

February, Twenty-Eleven

Dear Family & Friends,

As you likely know, we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia, and we honestly could not be more thrilled. We began this journey simply wanting to start a family; during the past several months God has worked through this desire of our hearts, revealing that we are part of a bigger plan, His plan, to care for the orphans in the world. 

So, where are we in this process?  We recently completed our home study, which was a huge milestone, and we are beginning what is referred to as the “paper chase,” assembling documents to send to Homeland Security and the Ethiopian government.  With each step, “We are adopting a baby,” evolves into, “We are going to have a daughter!”  Reality, in a very good way, is beginning to set in.  And to answer the most common question, we will hopefully bring Lorraine (Lainey) home from Ethiopia this summer or fall, though time lines are unpredictable. 

Financially, bringing Lainey home will cost in the neighborhood of $30,000. Wow.  We know this is a huge financial commitment.  Trusting that God is bigger than finances, we are relying on Him one dollar at a time. In addition to the unlimited emotional and spiritual support our friends and family have already poured out for us, we are also seeking financial support. This is a difficult request from us, and we recognize the additional strain this request may pose to your own family finances. Please know that we appreciate anything, however big or small, and in whatever way. 

There are many ways to help!  If you have another idea or suggestion, definitely share with us. 
·      Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 12.  We will be hosting a BINGO night in University Place.  Invitations will be forthcoming if you live in the area.  If you would like to donate in the way of prizes for BINGO winners, we will gratefully accept them (jewelry, hand-knit items, gift cards, etc).
·      Are you willing to make a dessert for a dessert auction held at BINGO night?  Please let us know!
·      Who doesn’t like coffee? Visit and purchase Fair Trade coffee for you or as a gift.  $5 from each bag of coffee purchased directly funds our adoption.
·      Donate directly via a PayPal link on our blog. (
·      Above all, we ask for your prayers.  First, please pray for Lorraine.  She may be born already.  She may be with her birth mother or in an orphanage.  Wherever she is, she has been wonderfully and beautifully created to be our daughter.  In your prayers for us, please pray finances come through and that we honor God’s timing by giving him our full trust. 

If you would like to receive updates about our adoption, we would love for you to click “Follow” on our blog at  We will periodically post specific prayer requests as we encounter miracles and challenges.  Thank you for your support in this process.  Whether you give time toward prayer, money, or encouragement, our hearts are filled with gratitude for your generosity.


Ty and Rachel Robuck

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